2019 Medium Hairstyles for Curly Hair

A variety of hair styling tools can be used to achieve curly hairstyles but women who have natural curls often think of new haircuts and hair colors to update their locks. Whatever you do you wish to make a stamen with your trendy look. Here we will help you to find out the best medium hairstyles for curly hair to try in 2019. Medium length is perfect for any type of hair and it is better for long tresses.medium curly hairstyles 2019Medium Curly Lob Hairstyle

Rock the simple yet very stylish long bob hairstyle in 2019. This is a great style both for straight and curly hair and looks very beautiful with long side bangs that frame your face. Dye your hair in a tender shade of blonde and enjoy your own attractiveness.lob hairstyle for curly hair 2019Medium Layered Curly Hairstyle

Do you love layers and do you want to have a fashionable hairstyle? Opt for a medium layered haircut. This voluminous haircut gives you more hair styling opportunities and again frames your face with medium length layers.medium layers for curly hair 2019Medium Curly Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Adding side bangs to your medium curly hairstyle you will not only complete the entire pretty style but will also soften your face shape. So, if you need some subtleness in your face then go for side bangs.medium curly hair with side bangs 2019Medium Auburn Curly Hair

What concerns hair colors for medium curly hair we will offer several great and trendy options. One of them is the dark red hair color or the popular auburn shade. It’s a glossy hue that is best reflected on curly hairstyles and makes your hair look heathier. If you have light to medium skin tones then change your entire appetence into a better one with auburn hair color.medium auburn curly hair 2019Highlights for Medium Layered Curls

Natural curly hairstyle is sometimes dull in its dark monotone hair color. To liven up your hairstyle you may add medium layers and dye them in light highlights. You can choose dark blonde or ash blonde highlights for your black or chocolate brown hair color. The immediate change will be quite satisfying.highlights for medium curly hair 2019Light Golden Blonde on Medium Curls

Another shade to rock on medium curly hair is the light golden blonde. It best works with pale complexions and tends to warm it up. On the other hand you get a luscious and very shiny hairstyle due to your soft curls.golden blonde medium curls 2019Copper Red Medium Curly Hairstyle

Taking into account the fact that copper red is a trendy hair color we offer you to jazz it in 2019 on your medium curly hairstyle. If you compare straight and curly copper red hairstyles you’ll see how fantastically this shade is reflected on curly locks. It steals the rays of the shine and brings out the various hues of red on your curls. This hair color is suitable for place skin tones with pink undertones and sometimes it works with certain medium skin tones.copper red medium curly hairstyle 2019Boho Inspired Medium Curly Hairstyle

For ladies who are big fans of boho hairstyles here is a stunning medium curly hairstyle with a stylish headband. Generally bohemian hairstyles are embellished either with flower headbands or with carves and fabric headbands. You may choose a great and eye-catching headband for your bohemian curly hairstyle according to your taste and hair color.boho medium curly hairstyle 2019Vintage Medium Curly Hairstyle

Glamorous women often opt for the trendy vintage style. These hairstyles are all about big curls, waves and victory rolls. Here you see a spiffy medium curly hairstyle with side curled long fringe. It’s a neat and gorgeous hairdo for formal occasions. So, choose the retro style for upcoming special events in 2019.vintage medium curly hairstyle 2019



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