2019 Layered Bob Haircuts for Short Hair

When you ask your hairstylist for a pixie of advice the first thing she takes into account before answering your questions is your hair type. If it’s thin she may offer haircuts that can make it look fuller and bit voluminous and if you have thick hair she may offer haircuts that lighten your locks and make it look neater. So, when it comes to short bob haircuts both thin and thick hair can look very pretty with the right chosen layers. In some cases layers add volume to thin hair and some cases they make your thick heavy hair more airy. Today we’ll refer to some layered bob haircuts for short hair to try in 2019. If you are thinking of a nice bob haircut for 2019 then you may make your choice right here.

Classy Short Layered Bob Haircut with Side Bangsshort classy layered bob haircut with side bangs 2019The most appropriate short layered bob haircut for workplace and for a businesswoman is the represented option with side bangs. It’s a neat, quite elegant and cute hairstyle for any occasion. It’s neither too short nor too long and is a low-maintenance trendy hairstyle.

Short Layered Angled Bob Haircutshort layered angled bob haircut 2019Angled bob haircuts are unusually longer in front and shorter at the nap. These layers provide you with a bit of volume on the back and they are super for thin hair.  They are very eye-catching and comfy hairstyles.

Short Wavy Layered Bob Haircutshort wavy layered bob 2019Natural wavy hair is more voluminous and looks fuller. Whether you have thick or thin hair this haircut will work with your locks. It’s a cute haircut and tends to show off the real beauty of your hair.

Messy Layered Bob Haircutmessy layered bob haircut 2019Another flashy bob haircut is the following messy layered bob. As you see it’s quite shaggy on the back thanks to the short layers here and there from the top part to the tips. This haircut is often chosen by women over 50.

Short Layered Bob Haircut with Layered Bangsshort layered bob haircut with layered bangs 2019We seldom meet layered bangs and in case they are created to provide a fuller look to thin hair they are in side swept styles. These bangs seem to complete short layered bob haircuts in a cute way making it look prettier.

Layered Short Curly Bob Haircutshort curly layered bob 2019Though layers are almost invisible on curly haircuts but are beautifully reflected on hair. They tend to draw much attention and look pretty on short bob cuts. If you like you can opt for the angled bob haircut having the front in a long and the back in a shorter shape.

Short Layered Asymmetrical Bob Haircutshort layered asymmetrical bob 2019Almost always hairstylists choose layers to create asymmetrical hairstyles. The same is in the case of short bob haircuts. They try to create a combination of a long bob and pixie haircut and the result is a short asymmetrical bob with some long bangs. These hairstyles are unique in their style and differ from the rest of bob haircuts. So, if you want much attention you may go for a short asymmetric layered bob hairstyle in 2019.



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