2019 Festive Curly Downdo Hairstyles

We often speak about prom curly updo hairstyles but what about the latest trendy festive curly downdo hairstyles for 2019 which are so popular these days especially among celebs. The versatility of curly hairstyles allows us to bring out the charm of our medium to long hair in a more luxurious way. When it comes to the prettiest and trendiest curly hairstyles we generally meet stunning combinations of retro waves and modern curls. Some of them are shown below and if you are looking for a party hairstyle for your medium or long hair then keep up with these styles.  curly hairstyles for 2019Layered Curly Hairstyle

Since long-haired beauties always need to update their tresses to keep them healthy and shiny layered cuts are always necessary. On the other hand layered cuts give us the incredible opportunity to rock various hairstyles including sophisticated party hairdos.  One of them is the curly hairstyle with stylish bug curls which bring out the beauty of the fresh layered cuts. No matter you have medium or long hair, layered will frame your face daintily.curly layered hairstyle 2019Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Women who are getting prepared for their big day and are in a search of a lovely wedding hairstyle may consider the simple yet so glamorous curly style. If you want to keep your style as girlish as possible then go for long big curls and if it’s necessary opt for hair extensions. Then finish the look with strong-hold hair spray and a flashy hair accessory which creates a cute contrast with your hair color.curly wedding hairstyle 2019Curly Side Parted Hairstyle

Women who are fond of the classy and posh style will surely like the glamorous and neat side parted curly hairstyle. Due to the sleek and shiny top part this hairstyle looks very net in spite of being curly at the tips. Use curling and side parting techniques as well as special hair creams and other products to achieve the luscious and stunning effect. If you have unruly layers on the back part you can fix them in place with bobby pins.curly side parted prom hairstyle 2019Curly Ombre Hairstyle

The real prettiness of the ombre style is usually enhanced due to long straight or curly downdo hairstyles. So, the long curly ombre hairstyle can be a great festive hairdo for you to wear for the upcoming parties and formal occasions. All you need to get an amazing curly hairstyle is using a curling iron and a hair spray. The rest is the job of the ombre style.curly ombre hairstyle 2019Retro Curly Hairstyle

Victory rolls combined with curly tips takes us back to the 60’s. One of the most requested retro hairstyles in the fashion world is the represented curly semi-updo hairstyle. It is a seductive and too feminine hairstyle for women with straight or slightly wavy hair. The top part grabs attention thanks to the stylish and artistic approach and the fresh flower clipped on hair as a cute accessory. You can choose the flower which highlights your fresh and glossy hair color.retro curly hairstyle 2019



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