2019 Faux Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircuts will always be trendy as they can make ladies look sweet and elegant. Bob haircuts are also very easy to style and low maintenance so you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to get your fabulous hairstyle. When speaking about special bob hairstyle, the most popular one is called faux bob that can create illusion of your hair length. There are many options to achieve faux bob hairstyle but the one of the best way is to make your hair curly. Check out here how to recreate faux bob hairstyles 2019 and make your shoulder length hair appear sassy short style.2019 Faux Bob Hairstyles-1

To begin your styling make sure your hair is clean dry.  Then, part your tresses to the side and section up most part of your hair leaving down it by your neck. Take curling iron and begin to create curls for small pieces of your hair from the dropped down section. Next, pull another small section of your hair and curl it.2019 Faux Bob Hairstyles-3

You should curl all your hair except for front bangs. With flat iron begin smoothing your bangs to the side and flick them back to mix it with the curls. Next, gently section up the top crown area of your curls to pin the bottom, longer hair under and up. Use some bobby pins to secure them in place. Pull the top layer to blend and cover the underneath. It will appear shorter and definitely more impressive. For the finished look you can apply light holding hairspray to fix your curls in place. And don’t forget about shine serum or spray to give your faux bob hairstyle glossy and healthy look.2019 Faux Bob Hairstyles-4

This particular bob hairstyle can work for round, heart and square face shapes. Curls can help to frame your face beautifully and give elegant, special look. This faux bob hairstyle can work for any hair texture or thickness. You can leave the top layers loose so it will look more relaxed and natural.2019 Faux Bob Hairstyles-

Many fashion shows have already proved that faux bob hairstyle will be trending for the next year. You can find numerous faux bob hairstyles from runways or red carpets and take it as an inspiration for your upcoming special or informal events.

Bob Hairstyle for women 2019

faux bob hairstyles for 2019



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