2019 Celebrities with Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyles 

Creating an illusion of an undercut hairstyle with side braids is one of the most popular ideas among celebrities. They like to play with our minds with their new and creative transformations. Each time we see a short or side shaved hairstyle we wonder if it is the ordinal hair illusion or not? Lately many celebrities appear with faux undercut braids in the public eye. While they are busy by grabbing more attention or being so discussed, faux undercut braids are becoming more and more popular. They are worn on long straight and wavy hairstyles and being pure Afro-American hairstyles are being stolen from black ladies. Whatever it is, it really makes sense and looks fascinating.  Let’s check out several faux undercut braids to try in 2019.faux undercut braid hairstyles 2019Jessica Alba Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyle

We all know how much Jessica loves to straighten her locks. It suits her very much and brings out the fresh shades which she picks for her healthy hair. However this time she decided to combine her casual straight hairstyle with festive and interesting side braids which create fake undercut effect. In spite of being such a bold hairstyle it still looks so soft and subtle on beautiful ombre hair.Jessica Alba faux undercut braid 2019Cara Delevingne Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyle

The next famous lady who has experimented with the faux undercut braid hairstyle is our stunning Cara Delevingne. Actually this hairstyle makes her stand out from the crowd and looks very pretty on her long straight tresses. It helps her to be in a posh and ritzy style and brings out facial features partially creating a mysterious facial expression.Cara Delevingne faux undercut braid hairstyle 2019Scarlett Johansson Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyle

We often see Scarlett Johansson faking hairstyles in different ways. It seems as if she enjoys doing experiments and impressing her fans with edgy haircuts or hairstyles. However compared with many bold haircuts that she wears this hairstyle is quite dressy and dainty due to the wavy touch on it. It is far from being rough and looks better with red lips. Actually the chosen thin braids are also in cute delicacy and tenderness.Scarlett Johansson faux undercut braid 2019Khloe Kardashian Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyle  

This is not the first time we see Khloe Kardashian in a faux undercut braid hairstyle. She has tried it several times and as a result she liked it so much. Her hair length and thickness allows her to go for faux undercut braids choosing more than 2 braided styles for the side part locks. In this tight and neat effects faux undercut braids create a cool contrast with the loose and relaxed wave son the other side.faux undercut braids Khloe Kardashian 2019Ashley Benson Faux Undercut Braid Hairstyle

Unlike many others Ashley Benson prefers to wear faux undercut braided updo hairstyle. This cute updo is a nice one to wear for the upcoming parties. It is very tender on the loose and relaxed side with the long fringe and has a neater touch on the braided side. So, opt for the style which best goes with your hair type and length.faux undercut braids Ashley Benson 2019



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