2019 Casual Retro Hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are so lovely that even between casual hairdos we can take such great examples for our everyday life that can make our simple hairstyle look prettier. Here we have collected the best casual retro hairstyle ideas for 2019 and if you are a big fan of the vintage style you may use it not only for special occasions bun in everyday life too. These hairdos are all beautiful and inspiring. Have a look at them and copy the most suitable ones for you.

Retro Bun Hairstyle with Headbandretro bun hairstyle 2019This is not a new bun hairstyle but it has a touch of the retro style that makes it flashier. All you need to get this cozy look is just creating a high bun on the top part of your hair and embellish it with a colorful headband that works with your hair color. This hairstyle is cool for workout and for second day hair.

Long Messy Hairstyleoin up headband hairstyle 2019If you have long hair in a wavy and messy style and you want to have it out of your face without gathering or tying it here is a good solution for you; use a pin up retro headband to keep your front locks away from your face. This is another convenient hairstyle for everyday life and it looks quite beautiful.

Vintage Finger Wavesretro wavy hairstyle for bob cuts 2019Though finger waves are achieved on any length of hair but if you are not planning to use them for a formal event then you may go for this hairstyle just for fun. It’s an eye-catching hairstyle and looks charming on trendy bob haircuts.

Retro Curly Hairstyleretro curly hairstyle with headband 2019Retro curls are quite big and soft curls that look neater and shinier due to their smooth nature. If you like to curl your hair on casual days but you also feel that they are not so comfy you can rule them with a nice headband like in the represented example. As you see this hairstyle is both spiffy and convenient for medium to long hair.

Bun Hairstyle with Short Blunt Bangsretro updo with blunt bangs 2019Short blunt bangs are very required in 2019. They are trendy bangs that grab much attention. These bangs look beautiful with different hairstyles and one of them is the bun hairstyle. Again you see a headband that decorates the hairstyle and adds more charm to its simple look. Asa result you get another hairdo for workout or for casual days. Many busy moms often go for this hairstyle.

Retro Half Updo Hairstyleretro half updo hairstyle 2019Compared with many casual half updo hairstyles retro half updos are more voluminous and glamorous. They are a bit teased on the top part and are sometimes curled at the ends. This loose yet very pretty hairstyle is convenient for shopping and for evening walks. It’s also a romantic hairstyle for girsl who have long and thick locks.

Messy Updo Hairstylemessy retro updo hairstyle 2019It is obvious that curly hair is unruly and it often annoys you on casual days when you need to have your hair gathered. You can pick this messy updo hairstyle and beautify it with a retro headband. The effect is very girlish and eye-catching.



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