Trendy Highlights for Brown Hair 2019

Light brown hair color is one of the natural human shades that can be beatified in various ways. Besides cutting your hair off you may sometimes add some stylish highlights for a more attractive look. Here are some great ways to rock light brown hair. In order to make your monotone shade look fascinating you need to add trendy highlights. Whether you have a long, medium or short haircut it will surely become more exquisite with the right chosen highlights. Now, have a look at these trendy highlights for brown hair to try in 2019. Try to choose the most suitable highlights for your complexion.

Blonde Highlights for Brown Hairbrown hair with blonde highlights 2019Get a stunning beachy hairstyle by adding some blonde highlights to your brown locks. Curl it often and enjoy the seductive look of yourself. Try to keep your natural shade in balance with the added highlights and avoid too much lightening. Even few blonde highlights can change the entire style of your hair. They will make it a bit warmer and lighter.

Caramel Highlights for Brown Hairbrown hair with caramel highlights 2019Caramel highlights are very popular in 2019 and they are required both among brunettes and blondes. Brunettes add caramel highlights to warm up their complexion and blondes add these stylish highlights to their light hair to darken it a bit. In both cases the effect looks very astounding and engaging.

Red Highlights for Brown Hairbrown hair with red highlights 2019Well, what concerns red highlights we can say that they are ideal for any dark hair. If blondes add lighter highlights that go with their base hair color brunettes should choose dark highlights to match with their shade. Brown and red combo is a great way to liven up your locks and to bring a touch of mystery in your look. This bright shade tends to beautify dull hair color and to make you stand out from the crowd.

Purple Highlights for Brown Hairbrown hair with purple highlights 2019If you want to have much fan with your hairstyle then go for purple highlights. These highlights best go with dark brown hair color and dark complexion. You can even add some highlights to your bangs and the result will be more original.

Rainbow Highlights for Brown Hairbrown hair with rainbow highlights 2019Teenagers and young girls who need much attention and wat to make a boom in their appearance are welcome to experiment with colorful rainbow highlights. While blondes go for pastel highlights brunettes can choose rainbow highlights. They look beautiful both on straight and curly hairstyles.



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