Stylish Highlights for Short Hair

Short haircuts are in great demand these days and they are considered as the most fashionable hairstyles for women. If you have such hair it’s time to refresh it with trendy highlights. Here I offer the best highlights for short hair. Check them out.

Brown and Blonde Highlightsblonde brown highlights for short hair 2019The most common and classy combo of highlights is the brown and blonde. These hair colors work with each other perfectly and look stunning as chunky highlights. You may add it on your bob hairstyle as well as on your bangs for a well-balanced look.

Chunky Blonde Highlightschunky highlights for red hairBy the means of chunky blonde highlights your hair colorist can lighten up your red or reddish brown hair color. This a great way to change your monotone hair color into a more fascinating one. The result is best seen on straight hairstyles.

Red Highlights for Dark Hairred highlightsFor brunettes who have a short haircut there is a fantastic flashy options. Pick a deep shade of red and add red highlights on your dark hair. This will transform your simple look into a more eye-catching style.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlightsbrown hair with blonde highlightsIf you have a pixie brown haircut liven it up with blonde highlights. You can create a reverse ombre effect by adding blonde highlights on the top part of your hair and leaving the ends in its dark shade.

Chunky Deep Purple Highlights for Short Black Hairpurple highlightsChunky purple highlights can perfectly work with black hair color. Opt for a stylish bob hairstyle and beatify it with deep purple highlights. This is one of the best shades to match with black color.

Edgy Highlights for Short Black Hairedgy highlights for short hairIf you are fond of more dramatic solutions then add not only purple but also deep pink highlights to your short black hairstyle. These can be thinner highlights not to look too much for short hair.

Black Short Hairstyle with Highlighted Bangshighlighted bangs for black hairSince purple goes with black hair color you may add vibrant purple highlights only on the bangs of your short black hairstyle. This looks very stylish and adds a kind of sophistication to your hairstyle.

Blonde Pixie with Highlighted Bangsshort hair with highlighted bangs 2019As for blonde hair you may choose ay bright color to highlight your bangs, it can be pink, blue or light purple. This will change your entire hairstyle making it more beautiful.

Pastel Highlights for Short Blonde Hairshort hair with highlighted bangsThose who seek for a subtler and softer-looking hairstyle I offer pastel highlights. You can add them on your layers or bangs and the result will be quite spiffy. You may choose peachy, lavender, mint or sky-blue pastel highlights for your light hair.

Chunky Burgundy Highlights for Blonde Hair burgundy highlighst for blonde hairAdd a vibrant and vine-y touch to your blonde hair to stand out from the crowd. Those chunky burgundy highlights are very eye-catching and they grab more attention combined with blonde hair than with dark hair.



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