Stylish Highlighted Bangs Hairstyles

The simplest way to update your haircut is going for bags and the simplest way to refresh your bangs is adding shades to it. What about highlights for bangs? This suggestion is not only attractive but it’s also very fashionable these days. Whether you have short or long hairstyle you can add some ravishing and flashy highlights on your bangs. You want a dramatic look? Go for vivid highlights. You need a subtle touch of modernity add classy highlights. You need something trendier? Discover pixel highlights. Below we’ll discuss the most stylish highlights that you can use to beautify you dull bangs. Check them out and chose the best style for you.

Pixel Hair Colors For Bangspixel hair colors for bangsPixelated hair is in thing in 206 and this is the latest hair styling technique which you can use starting from your bangs. Add the first pixel hair colors on your bangs and enjoy the attractiveness this style gifts you. You’ll surely like the effect and will experiment with other pixel colors in the future as well.

Long Layered Hairstyle with Highlighted Bangslong hair with highlighted bangsLong hairstyles is always appropriate for highlights. It’s even better if you have layers as highlights can best be reflected on layered haircuts. If you add highlights to your layers do the same with your bangs for a more well-balanced and complete hairstyle. Choose highlights matching your skin tone and eye color.

Pixie Cut with Highlighted BangsHighlights for pixie cutWomen with pixie cuts grab more attention and they look too powerful. This is because their cut is boyish and after getting a pixie cut you should think of softening your hairstyle. The best way is adding a unique hair color to your cut. If you have long bang you may add highlights just to your bangs. This will make your hairstyle more dramatic and flashy.

Pastel Highlights for Bangspastel highlights on bangsPastel shades are very soft and subtle to make your hairstyle look ravishing. If you have blonde hair you can easily go for pastel highlighted bangs livening up your hairstyle. This will also provide you with a dolly look and you’ll look like a pretty doll with a fascinating hairstyle.

Red Highlights on Bangsred highlights on bangsRed is a very hot and bright color to beautify your black hair color. Adding red highlights to your bags you will enhance the beauty for your hairstyle and will draw attention to your face.

Light Highlights for Blonde Bangslight highlights for blonde hairPurple, pink, sky blue, mint and any other light shade can change the monotone and ordinary look of your blonde bangs. Add your favorite light shade to your bangs matching with your complexion.



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