Bold Hair Highlights for 2019

When it comes to hair dying each girl chooses the shades that go with her base hair color and skin tone. But there are cases when women look for hair styling and coloring ideas which can showcase their individuality, way of thinking and taste. Generally, they are not afraid of radical changes and like to experiment with various transformations. These ladies choose the most original and attractive hair coloring techniques. While some fail and some succeed we take the most beautiful examples for you. The following string of bold hair highlights for 2019 are the recent creative hair highlighting versions for any taste and highlights 2019Rainbow Hair Highlights

I would like to start from the most playful and fascinating hair highlighting idea which had been a big trend in 2019 and continues to capture many hearts in 2019. These highlights are lately worn on the roots and on the tips instead across the length of hair. They are beautiful on dark hair and seem to be a good way of brightening dark locks up. No matter you have straight, curly, short or long hair; rainbow highlights can be beautifully placed on your locks with the right highlighting methods.rainbow highlights 2019Vibrant Highlights for Bangs

You want to highlight only the bangs. Well, it is a great style especially for short haircuts. With the help of vibrant highlights you will soften your short haircut and will take it to the next level. Short pixie haircuts are very popular these days but a few pay attention to their matching hair colors. Short pixie look trendier with stylish highlights and taking into account the fact that bangs are the biggest trends in the fashion world you may dye just the fringe.vibrant highlights for bangs 2019Pastel Highlights for Light Hair

If rainbow highlights are perfect for dark hair light blonde shades will be thankful for fresh pastel highlights. They are mazing on blonde hair and tend o give you a dolly look. If this is all you need then go ahead with pink, light blue, lilac and mint green highlights in spring/summer 2019. We wish you a super feminine look with your new hair highlights for light hair 2019Purple Highlights for Black Hair

And the final trendy hair highlight is for black hair. Perhaps you are tired of the same dirty blonde or red highlights that hair colorist recommend for black locks.  Many Afro-American women can pull off a great hairstyle due to purple highlights. They are vibrant and change the whole shade of your dark hair.purple highlights for dark hair 2019



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