Best Highlights for Layered Hairstyles

Layered hair and highlights are the best combos to get a smashing hairstyle. They seem to be created for each other because they perfectly work with one another creating a stunning result on hair. Different length of hairstyles can be refreshed by layers be it a long or a short cut. You can opt for stylish layers and add some fantastic highlights on them. As a result your hair will look fuller and more attractive. Moreover, you’ll get a healthy-looking hairstyle which can be styled in various ways. So, today we’ll speak about the best highlights for layered hair and will offer you great examples to make your choice between.

Caramel Highlights for Long Layered HairCaramel Highlights for Long Layered HairIf you are a brunette and you have a long layered haircut then you should consider caramel highlights at least once in your life as classic and beauty-enhancing hair styling idea. Caramel highlights beautify brown hair colors making it look warmer and more alluring.

Pink Highlights for Blonde Layered Hairpink highlights for blonde hairWomen blessed with blonde hair are welcome to draw more attention to it by adding pink highlights. Pink is the most feminine and lovely color to use as a hair highlighting shade for blonde hair. It is ideally reflected on blonde hair making it eye-catching. In a word you get a dolly look.

Blonde and Brown Highlightsblonde and brown highlights for medium hairMedium length layered haircut sometimes looks messier than long hairstyles. Just for this reason adding more than one color on your hair could make it even more interesting. So, if you are fond of classy highlighting you may add blonde and brown highlights here and there on your medium haircut.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights for Red Layered Hairred hair with strawberry blonde highlightsIf you have natural or dyed red layered hairstyle and want to liven up your locks with highlights the best and the most stylish highlights for you can be strawberry blonde highlights. They bring a sun-kissed effect to your hair and accentuate its lovely fiery effect once again.

Caramel Highlights for Layered Pixie Cutcaramel highlights for pixie cutLayered pixie could look too dull without highlights as those layers are meant to bring out your hair color ad if they are not dyed then you may not be able to show off the beauty of your haircut. So, add light caramel highlights on your brown layered pixie cut and if you have light hair color you may add dark caramel highlights.

Pastel Highlights for Blonde Layered Hairpastel highlights for layered hairstylePastel colors are the subtlest shades that can be used as highlights for blonde hair. They are perfect especially for blonde layers and if you dream of an airy and ethereal hair color then pastel hues are for you. If you don’t want to go for a long-lasting pastel highlights you can try hair coloring chalks for your hair. This is temporary and has much fun in it.pastel highlights for layered hairstyle 2019



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