2019 Highlights for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is generally in light tones and this allows us to play with various highlights. All kinds of vibrant highlights can beautifully go with blonde hair if you add them to the right places. Nowadays many choose pastel highlights for their blonde hair and some go for standard dark highlights to darken up their base hair color a bit. Each chooses highlights according to her preferences, to her taste and of course to her haircut. Here I will represent you the best highlights for blonde hair to try in 2019. If you have blonde hair then read the article carefully to find the right highlights for your complexion.

Dark Brown Highlights for Blonde Hairblonde hair with dark brown highlights 2019Women with light blonde hair colors sometimes want to darken their hair to create a well-balanced matching for their complexion. You can add dark brown highlights to your blonde shade and this will best work with medium complexions and dark eyes. Dark brown highlights are great for layered haircuts both long and short and they tend to bring some dimension to your hairstyle.

Vibrant Highlights for Blonde Hairblonde hair with vibrant highlights 2019If you are fond of more dramatic changes then try vibrant highlights for your blonde hair in 2019. Dark blue, purple, pink and green are quite bright for light blonde hair. They will make you stand out from the crowd with their brightness and vividness. You may avoid too much highlighting to get a more attractive look.

Pastel Highlights for Blonde Hairblonde hair with pastel highlights 2019As for pastel hues we can say that they are created right for blonde hair. These subtle shades best work with light hair colors and since blonde is je lightest human hair color you can go for a ravishing hairstyle with pastel highlights. The most popular pastel shades are baby blue, light pink, lavender, mint green and peach. Some of these hair colors are too cool and some are quite warm. According to your hair color you can choose either cool or warm tints.

Caramel Highlights for Blonde Hairblonde hair with caramel highlights 2019Caramel highlights are among the trendiest highlights both for brunette and blonde hair. They warm up any shade and make it look classier, hotter and more fascinating. These highlights best go with long hairstyles especially with layered cuts.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Highlightsplatinum blonde hair with dark highlights 2019As platinum blonde is one of the lightest blonde shades you may create a stunning contrast by some dark highlights from the roots to the middle sections of your hair. Though you get a contrast but it’s quite harmonious and good-looking.

Copper Red Highlights for Blonde Hairginger highlights for blonde hair 2019If you think of red highlights for your blonde hair then take the stylish copper red. This hair color is now very required as it reminds us of the natural ginger hair color. It makes your hair more eye-catching and capturing.

Leopard Prints for Blonde Hairleopard prints on blonde hair 2019Recently the tendency of adding dark brown leopard prints to blonde hair is increasing. Girls love to make their hairstyle fascinating with this creative highlighting idea which is very fashionable. As you see, the reflection of a leopard effect is very beautiful on long straight hairstyles. If you like it try it once or twice in 2019.



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