Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2019

What is in thing nowadays? Creativity, craziness and much fun. We play with our look from head to toe and create such styles that are unique and belong only to us. Whatever we do we try to enhance our beauty and to look more seductive. And what you do? Didn’t try any original hairstyle or hair color yet? Let’s do it together right here. What I am going to offer you in this article is all about charm and creativity. Be inspired by the following two-tone hair color ideas for 2019.

Black to Turquoise Hair Colorturquoise and black hair color 2019Brunettes who have dark hair can try the trendy black to turquoise hair color which is becoming more popular day by day. This stunning hair coloring makes you hair look very mysterious and eye-catching. Tow dark shades combined together create a marvelous effect on long hair as well as on bob haircuts.

Light Brown and Pink Two-Tone Hairlight brown pink two tone hair 2019If you have light brown hair color and want to bring out its charm you may dye the ends of your locks in bright pink shade. It’s simple yet very sophisticated hair styling idea for young ladies.

Two-Tone Purple Hair Colortwo-tone purple hair color 2019Girls with dark hair who want to combine two shades of the same hair color and get a fantastic two-tone effect on their hair may try this amazing purple hair colors. Dye the top part of your hair in a deep plum hair color and the ends in a vibrant purple shade and enjoy a shiny, healthy-looking and flashy hairstyle in 2019.

Pink and Purple Two-Tone Hair Colorpink purple two-tone hair color 2019Do you want to match dark and light shades? Go for the playful pink and the subtle purple hair colors. They are cool on long curly hairstyles and tend t make you look like a pixie run from a fairy-tale.

Two-Tone Silver Hair Colortwo-tone silver hair color 2019Many stylish women have already discovered the prettiness of silver hair color. It is too exquisite for a young girl and is great combined with another hair color. According to your complexion you can match it either with a light brown, light blonde or black hair colors. The choice is up to you.

Mixed Up Two-Tone Pastel Hair Colorstwo tone pastel hair color 2019Take two pastel hair colors closer to each other like lavender and purple and get a fantastic mixture of a two-tone hair color. These two shades are so ethereal and subtle that they seem to be taken from the sky.

Two-Tone Pastel Hair Colorstwo tone pastel pink and blue 2019Another combo of pastel hair colors is the pink-blue option. This is very cute on long wavy hairstyles and is a cool idea to look unique. If you like these tow shades you may try this hairstyle in 2019.two tone pastel hair color on long hair 2019Platinum Blonde and Brown Two-Tone Hair Colorbrown platinum blonde hair color 2016And here is something very popular and standard for those who prefer more natural-looking hair colors. Match the stylish platinum blonde with a warm brown hair color and get a beautiful contrast. This works both with dark and light complexions.



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