Stylish Silver Hair Colors

Nowadays having grays in hair is becoming more and more stylish then hiding them. While women over 50 do their best to hide their grey hair many young ladies reasonable go for stunning silver hair colors. Though it requires deep bleaching and quite a long time to be achieved on hair but its subtleness attracted women so much that they do dye their entire hair in grey. Today we’ll speak about the most delicate silver hair colors and the ways it is reflected on hair. If you have decided to opt for a shade of grey for your hair then keep on reading to discover the best options.silver hair colorSo, grey is a light hair color that has ashy tones in it. It differs from the rest of hair colors due to its natural-looking and eye-catching effect. It’s a bit weird to see young girls wearing gray hair color but the attention they gain thanks to it is incredible. However before dying your hair in a silver shade you should pay attention to some very important factors. First of all dying your hair in a light shade you should already have light hair. That’s why it’s a bit easier for blondes to get silver shade on their hair than for brunettes. You should undergo deep bleaching which in in its turn may damage your locks. So, be careful while bleaching your hair. After bleaching use hair recovering remedies and treatments to make your hair again soft and moisturized. Then keep in mind that before applying the dye on your hair you should wait for about 6 months to have your hair in the best condition for grey shade. In this case you are supposed to be patient enough if you really want to have the desired result. Then be psychologically ready to see your hair in grey. It is going to be something quite interesting and risky. Now, let’s see what the bet silver hair coloring ideas are.

Light Silver Hair Color for BlondesLight Silver Hair Color for BlondesIf you are a blonde you’d better opt for a light shade of silver. This will make you look more fascinating and engaging. It goes with light skin tones and sometimes looks like the lightest ash hair color. It suits both short and long haircuts.

Dark Silver Hair Color for Black Women

silver hair color ideaWomen with tanned or black skin tone may find it a bit difficult to get the best silver shade on their hair that works with their complexion too. In this case dark silver hair color might look more beautiful. It will match your skin tone and eye color.

Silver Ombre Hair ColorSilver Ombre Hair ColorSilver ombre is perfect both for blondes and brunettes. If you are blonde you can choose the reverse ombre and if you are a brunette you may go for the regular silver ombre dying your roots in a dark silver shade and the ends in a light silver hair color. This combo is well-balanced and looks nice on short bob, lob and long hairstyles.

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