Stunning Bold Hair Colors for 2019

Today there are millions of bold hair colors to match every skin tone and eye color but the most stunning ones are experimented by models, singers, actresses and many famous people the examples of which soon are copied by their fans. The new transformations and hair color makeovers of celebrities make us think of changing our appearance too. This is easy to do with a crazy hair color. The effect is quite wild and fascinating. Here are the best bold hair color ideas for 2019.

Orange Hair Colororange hair color 2019Did you find what you have been looking for such a long time? Neither red nor ginger but this is orange. This really a stunning shade for hair that can make you stand out from the crowd. It best goes with light to medium complexions and is perfect for those who have pale skin tone.

Blue Black Hair Colorblue black hair color 2019The deep blue hair color that looks like a black shade is now in thing. It’s a deep yet very bright hair color for hair and goes with light complexions as well as with dark skin tones.

Turquoise Hair ColorTurquoise hair color 2019Imagine the shade of the ocean on your hair. Does it sound attractive? Now image the shine that it gifts your locks. Sounds even more tempting. So, what are you waiting for? It works with any complexion.

Deep Purple Hair Colorpurple hair color 2019If blondes can easily take the pastel lavender then women with tanned skin are welcome to say hello to the lovely and mysterious deep purple hair color. This hair color is both dark and shiny and tends to make your hair look healthier.

Pink Ombre Hair Colorpink ombre 2019Want to experiment with a unique ombre style? Go for the sweet pink ombre. This will make you look like a doll and will soften your hairstyle. The candy-cotton look that it gifts your hair can’t be compared with any other subtle effect.

Pastel Rainbow Hair Colorspastel rainbow hair color braid 2019Combine the brightest shades of pastel and rainbow and enjoy the playful and “happy” style of your hair. This hair coloring is best reflected on braided hairstyles.

Pastel Blue Ombrepastel ombre hairstyle 2019Dye the roots of your hair in a dark blue shade and lighten it at the ends. Try to get a pastel shade at the very tips of your hair and the result will be this astounding and breathtaking pastel blue ombre.

Dark Green Hair Colorgreen hair color 2019Whether you have long or short hair dare to dye it in a vivid green hair color. This shade goes both with pale and dark skin tones and provides you hair with a glamorous touch.

Lilac Hair Colorlilac hair color 2019It’s not a secret that the light purple, lavender or lilac hair color has become the favorite shade of many celebrities who already made it an ordinary hair color. Today this shade is one of the most required ones for 2019 and it looks very delicate on any length of hair. It has a kind of silvery undertones in it that make the hue even shinier and subtler.



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