Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2019

Hair colors we choose for every season generally match the weather and the colors that gifts that particular weather. When we speak about winter hair color for 2019 we take into account same essential factors such as the matching shades and the effect that can be provided by this or that hue. So, let’s see which are the best hair color ideas for winter 2019.

Brown Hair with Light Caramel Highlightsbrown hair with caramel highlights 2019Caramel highlights recently have become very popular both among brunettes and blondes. As brown is a bit dark shade you can warm it up with light subtle caramel highlight in winter. The result will be very spiffy on long wavy and curly hairstyles.

Dark Brown Hair with Dark Caramel Highlightsdark brown hair color with caramel highlights 2019If you have dark brown hair then add some dark caramel highlights to make it more attractive. Dark brown is a hot shade and it looks more delicate with caramel highlights. Again it is best reflected on long wavy and curly hairstyles.

Copper Hair Colorcopper hair color 2019Perhaps copper is the hottest shade to wear in winter. It’s too warm and looks very astounding both on short and long hairstyles. This hair color has dark and light shades and this gives you the opportunity of choosing the most suitable shade for your complexion and eye color.

Copper Brown Hair Colorcopper brown hair color 2019If you avoid too much red shades in hair color but still want a reddish effect on your dark hair you can choose the copper brown hue. This hair color is perfect almost for all complexions and tend to make your hair color lovelier, more seductive and beautiful.

Buttery Blonde Hair Colorbuttery blonde hair color 2019For the fans of blonde hair colors I offer the subtle buttery blonde. Compared with many blonde shades this has less sun-kissed and glossy effect in it and is very suitable for the cool winter season. It has a kind of matte effect in it which makes the hue look very soft and subtle.

Pastel Blue Hair Colorpastel blue hair color 2019Let’s pass on to pastel shades which are going to make a huge trend for 2019. For women who have light complexion pastel blue is a great choice. It’s a “chilly” shade and has too much delicacy in it. You will not only get a matching hair color for the season but will also look like a doll. This works with long hairstyles as well as with short haircuts like bobs and pixies.  In case you have too light blonde hair you may just add blue pastel highlights to it.

Lavender Hair Colorlavender hair color 2019The lightest hue of purple is the tender lavender hair color. It is experimented with some celebrities after which it became more and more requested among young ladies. This goes with light complexions and sometimes with certain medium skin tones.

Icy Blonde Hair ColorIcy blonde hair color 2019If the light platinum blonde has some shine and yellowish effect in it then icy blonde is pure white and is appropriate for winter. This hair color works with any length of hair and with any hairstyle be it straight, wavy or curly. You just need to match it with your complexion before dying your hair.

Plum Hair Colorplum hair color 2019There are dark and a light shades of plum hair color. The darker hues are recommended for the fall and the light tints for the winter seasons. Plum hair color works with light complexions as well as with dark skin tones and dark eyes. It’s another shade that has a kind of matte effect in it that allows you to rock it in cols seasons. So, try it in winter 2019.



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