Copper Hair Color for 2019

Copper is a flashy shade of red that makes hair look very fresh and healthy. Many women longing for red hair often choose a shade of copper between many hues from dark to light. It has a variety of options for light complexions as well as for darker skin tones and each can find the color that best works with her skin tone. The lightest shades of copper hair color to be worn in 2019 are reddish strawberry blonde and soft ginger and among dark shades you may find penny copper and deep copper. Now, we’ll discuss each of them separately.

Reddish Strawberry Blonde Hair Colorreddish strawberry blonde hair colorWomen who are fond of reddish hues and have light skin tone as well as light eye color may take the trendy reddish strawberry blonde shade for their new stunning look. It’s a rich copper hue along with golden highlights which soften the color breaking the too red look. This look nice on any length and type of hair and brings an incredible shine to it.

Ginger Hair Colorginger hair color 2019This one is a natural-looking red shade which usually seen on natural redheads. If you have pale complexion with pink undertones and have always dreamed about a red hair color then this shade is just for you. It goes with light eyes as well as with brown eyes and is ideal both for brunettes and blondes.

Emma Stone Copper Hair ColorEmma Stone copper hair colorOne of the most natural-looking redheads in the world of celebrities is Emma Stone, though this is not her natural shade but it suits her so much that after she appeared with some period of time many thought it was her natural hair color. It works with her medium skin tone and perfectly goes with her green eyes.

Deep Copper Hair Colordark copper hair color 2019As I have already mentioned above darker shades of copper are fine for dark skin tones including olive and black. This deep copper hue goes with dark complexions and with dark eye colors. It makes dark skin toned women look hotter and more mysterious. If you have such complexion then hurry up and go for a dark copper hair color in 2019.

Fiery Copper Hair Colorfiery copper hair colorThere is something too mysterious and sophisticated in each fiery hair color. The same is about fiery copper shade. It’s again a hot dye for dark complexions and is superb especially in fall. Go for it if you feel you need much attention.



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