5 Subtle Light Blonde Hair Colors for 2019

It goes without saying that the lighter your hair color the more delicate your hairstyles will be. Blonde is the shade which beautifully showcases curls, braids and twisted hairstyles. However it’s dainty in straight styles too. The most important thing in healthy hair is its shine and shade. If your hair color tends to add extra-shine to your locks then you are going to sparkle with a new and fancy touch in your appearance. Blonde is the shade that can lighten up your complexion and highlight the beauty of your pale skin tone. Here collected light blonde hair colors for 2019 will help you find the most flattering shade for your skin tone and eye color. Keep on reading to discover the 5 prettiest celebrities who rock light blonde hues in 2019.light blonde hair colors for 2019Reese Witherspoon Light Buttery Blonde Hair Color

One of the matte hair colors between zillions of blonde shades is the buttery blonde. It is either in yellowish or whitish hues. Reese Witherspoon has worn a light buttery blonde hair color both with whitish and yellowish touches. It ideally goes with her skin tone and light eyes. The curly side parted retro hairstyle perfectly brings out the lavishing fresh blonde shades and makes hair look so healthy.Reese Witherspoon blonde 2019Rita Ora Platinum Blonde Hair Color

While many hair colorists recommend to combine platinum blonde with light complexions we are here to prove that with the right haircut black ladies can also rock light platinum blonde. So, Rita Ora is one of the celebrities who dared to experiment with platinum, blonde and as you see she really liked it. The secret of having a well-balanced effect with dark skin tones is hidden behind the short haircut. Actually platinum blonde won’t be so beautiful for black women if they combined it with long hairstyles.Rita Ora blonde 2019Gwyneth Paltrow Light Blonde Hair Color

Another light blonde shade closer to Swedish blondes is Gwyneth Paltrow’s blonde hair color. It is worn on long straight hairstyle and creates a classy, airy and angelic look. This hair color shows off Gwyneth Paltrow’s medium skin tone and compliments her light eyes. It is a matte hair color that’s why seems to be natural. Women with place skin tones and light eyes can wear the trendy Swedish blonde to get a tenderer appearance like Gwyneth Paltrow.Gwyneth Paltrow blonde 2019Julianne Hough Light Blonde Hair Color

We have seen Julianne Hough in many blonde shades from sun-kissed to ashy but this one is more than dainty. It is a light platinum blonde with some hardly noticeable yellowish highlights and dark roots. The created combination is harmonious and compliments her cool skin tone and light eyes. The center-parted wavy hairstyle brings out dark roots which go with her stunning makeup. Julianne Hough light blonde hair 2019Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Light Blonde Hair Color

Generally Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s skin is light but since it has pinkish undertones her complexion has a kind of warm touch in it. However blonde shades suit her very much and she likes to experiment it various blondes time to time. At the moment her blonde shade is a sun-kissed ombre with corn-brown and blonde hues. Her hairstylist has chosen the right shades for her complexion and why not, for the mid-length hairstyle.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 2019 blonde



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