2019 Trendy Pastel Hair Colors

Pastel colors are the lightest hues of all the shades we see in nature. They are the subtlest and the softest hues you can ever see. These shades are today seen everywhere in the fashion world.  Everything stating from outfits to makeup is inspired by pastel colors. Now they are also used as hair colors and in this post we are going to speak about trendy pastel hair colors of 2019.

Three-Tone pastel Hair Colorthree tone pastel hair color 2019Why do I start from three-tone pastel hair color? Because it’s the most ravishing shade where you can see three different shades of pastel in one hairstyle. Here are lavender, sky blue and mint green hair colors starting from the top to the tips. As you see the combination is well-balanced and loos very glamorous.

Two-Tone Pastel Hair Colortone pastel hair color 2019Let’s continue the combinations of pastel shades in one hairstyle and represent the delicate two-tone pastel hair colors. These are lavender and light blue hair colors mingled into each other. They are so cute especially due to the loose wavy hairstyle in which the hues are reflected in their best way.

Pastel Blue Hair Colorblue pastel hair color 2019Pastel blue or sky blue is the lightest hue of blue and looks like a silver hair color. It creates a cool icy effect on hair and works with light complexions as well as with medium skin tones. If you want to get the stunning baby blue on your hair then do it in 2019.

Pastel Mint Hair Colorpastel mint hair color 2019Mint in its turn is the lightest shade of green. This hair color is another unique tint to draw attention. It basically works with light complexion and is prefect on various hairstyles.

Pastel Peach Hair Colorpeach pastel hair color 2019Compared with many other shades of pastel peach is a quite warm hair color. It will make you stand out from the crowd with its playful nature. Women who have pale skin tone can warm it up with pastel peach hair color.

Pastel Lavender Hair Colorlavender pastel hair color 2019If there is an astounding airy shade then it’s the following pastel lavender. This light purple is one of the most popular pastel hair colors which is experimented by many celebrities. If you, too, go mad with purple colors then this hue is for you.

Pastel Pink Hair Colorpink pastel hair color 2019Pastel pink or the candy-cotton pink hair color is another sweet hue to dye your hair with. This is a flexible hair color that goes with dark and light complexions equally.

Rosy Pastel Hair Colorpastel hair color on tan skinThis differs from the common pink hair color with its rosy effect. It reminds us of vintage style with old rose colors that are so feminine. If blondes and light skin toned girls choose the light pink the dark skin toned ladies may choose this one.

Pastel Ombre Hair Colorpastel ombre hair color 2019Use the ombre style in pastel coloring. Match two light shades and liven up your haircut be it short or long.

So, try to be in style and pick hair colors that are trendy for 2019 like pastel shades.



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