2019 Trendy Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Skin tone and eye color play a really big role in hair color choice. Whether you want to enhance your current hair color or to change it entirely you should consider your complexion. hair colors 2019And since it’s not an easy task to choose the most suitable shade for your skin tone you are supposed to refer to your hairstylist. Fits of all decide your skin tone and then choose a hair color. If you already know what kind of skin you have then have a look at these trendy hair colors for 2019.

Platinum Blonde and Light Skin Toneplatinum blonde hair 2019If you have light or pale skin tone then take into account that too light hair colors are only for you. Not every light shade goes with other skin tones and in case your complexion is light you may opt for the trendy platinum blonde hair color. It is one of the most requites hues in the world of fashion and many ladies long for light platinum blonde hair. Your light complexion allows you to go for it easily.

Hair Colors for Medium Skin Tonesmedium skin toneMedium skin tones give you more hair coloring choices. There are lots of shades to match with medium complexions but if you are looking for the latest hair color ideas I offer you dark blonde, caramel hair color, light brown or whet brown. You are welcome to experiment with various highlights as well. So, choose matching highlights for your hair color.

Dark Hair Colors for Olive Skin Toneolive skin tone 2019The trendy shades to combine with olive skin tone are mainly in dark hues. They are dark brown hair colors with light brown or caramel highlights, coffee brown, chocolate brown, espresso and auburn. As you see your olive skin tone gives you the opportunity to rock various shades. The choice is up to you and try to look prettier with one of these hues.

Hair Colors for Warm to Dark Skin Tonesdark skin tone and hair color 2019Women with dark skin tones are free to make their choice between mahogany, dark red, toffee and maple shades. These hair colors will make your hair shine beautifully and will add more charm to your entire appearance. If you have too dark complexion you may go for the deep espresso hair color.

Copper Red for Rosy Undertoneswarm skin and red hair 2019Girls who have warm skin with rosy undertones will look gorgeous in copper red, ginger or fiery red hair colors. These warm shades will highlights their beauty and will gift them with a natural-looking redhead effect.

Jet Black Hair Color for Pale Skinlight skin and dark hair colors 2019The great contrast of black hair color and pale skin will provide you with a seductive look. This combo is one of the bests that tends to bring out your light eyes or makes your dark eyes pop out and shows off the charm of your light skin.



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