New Emo Hairstyle and Hair Color Ideas for Teenagers

They say there is a touch of emotions in each emo hairstyle. Girls show off their taste, their thought and way of thinking by their look and the hairstyle emos choose speak about their lifestyle. They are connected with their emotional state and in which hairstyle you see an emo represents something special. Emo hairstyles and hair colors are, perhaps, the most eye-catching and vivid hairstyle with their creative cuts, styling solutions and hair colors. They choose the brightest shades for their hair, the flashiest accessories and the most unusual hairstyles. There are some great hair styling ideas that use emos and which inspire many other teenagers too. Here you will see new emo hairstyle ideas that look quite spiffy for young ladies.

Medium Layered Blue Hairstylemedium layered blue hairstyleAs emo girls usually tend to look like alive dolls the shades they choose for their hair also look unreal. For example this one is in vibrant blue shade and it goes with the wearer’s eye color and makeup. It’s a trendy hairstyle with medium layers that are side parted and create an interesting look. To go for this hairstyle you need to have shoulder length hair on which your hairstylist can chop millions of layers. As a result you’ll get a voluminous and full-looking hairstyle.

Colorful Long Hairstylecolorful emo hairstyleWhile some girls use hair chalks to style their long hair into a colorful hairstyle emo girls go for a more risky step and dye their locks in various vivid colors. These shades look better on long layered hairstyles. They choose several shades for their short and long layers. For a more dramatic look the top part is designed with shot layers and the rest of the hair is left in its long form.

Bob Haircut with Stylish Highlights highlights for bob haircutChanging the dull and simple look of your dark bob haircut is so easy with bright highlights. This creative idea of section by section highlighting is quite fascinating and looks very attractive. This speaks about the wearer’s creativity and interesting character.

White-Black Long Hairstylewhite black emo hairstyleThe combination of white and black hair colors is the most contrasting idea in hair coloring. It looks flashy and stunning especially if the dying technique differs from the ordinary coring. This hairstyle can be used even as a party hairstyle as it looks very cute for young lady. Decorating it with bright colored simple accessories will complete the gorgeous look of the hairstyle.

Low Ponytail Emo Hairstylelow ponytail emo hairstyleAs it’s a bit difficult to have all your layers gathered in a ponytail hairstyle you may have some part of your hair out of it. This will create an original ponytail hairstyle which will make you look different. So, here you see pink-green hair color combination, long side swept bangs and a low layered ponytail hairstyle. It’s a unique hairstyle to be copied by many stylish teenagers.

Photo Credits: Creative Hairstyles



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