Emo Hairstyles for Long Hair

The popular image of an Emo is mainly associated with bright colors, long hair, various vivid accessories and bold makeup. With this unique style any girls can stand out from the crowd and grab much attention. Changing the hairstyle and the hair color is a common thing for Emo girls and each time they look for new ideas they try to take the most fashionable options. If you look for Emo hairstyles you’ll mostly meet long highlighted or layered cuts and today we’ll discuss some Emo hairstyles for long hair and girls who are thinking of styling their long hair can take ideas from here.

Long Wavy Hairstylelong wavy hairstyle for emoLong waves in pink hair color and thin black highlights are one of the most popular hairstyles for Emos. This hairdo is very playful and looks more interesting with a stylish headband. It looks like a boho inspired hairstyle and is cooler with the messiness provided with the waves. The represented pink hair color best works with light and pale complexions.

Long Side Bangs Hairstylelong emo bangs hairstyle with bangsFake bangs created just with the help of your long layers are always great to get a trendy side swept hairstyle. All you need is just puling a huge part of your hair to a side and pinning it with a nice bobby pin. This hairstyle is very cute and girlish and tends to bring a subtle touch into your look. If you like you can add some front highlights to your bangs for a more fascinating effect.

Long Hairstyle with Long Bangslong emo hairstyle with long bangs 2019In the majority of case Emos choose long bangs to match with their long hairstyle. Actually these bangs are very flexible and they can be styled in different ways. You can create a side swept hairstyle with the help of long bangs or can just hide your forehead creating a mysterious image and drawing attention to your eyes.

Long Layered Hairstylelong straight emo hairstyleLayers are everywhere in emo hairstyles. They make long locks more attractive and allow girls to do lots of thing with their layers. These layers are usually highlighted with bright shades that bring out the shape of the haircut quite clearly.

Long Volumized Hairstylelong volumized hairstyleMuch volume more attention. This is what long volumized hairstyles mean. They are very eye-catching and if you have a highlighted, side pinned and embellished hairstyle then you have a unique look. This is one of the best examples of long volumized hairstyle which is not only flashy but also has many details to stare at.

Long Curly Hairstylelong curly emo hairstyleAnother way to make your hair voluminous and flashy is curling it. Curls not only add volume but also bring some messiness to your hairstyle making it seductive. In this case you may add highlights to your bangs and front curls to get more dimension.



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