Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair

It goes without saying that emo hairstyles are all about making a statement. They are too attractive, eye-catching and unique. We usually see them in long layered, asymmetrical or dyed styles or with heavy bangs that cover the yes or the half of the face and so on. These hairstyles are met in any length from too short boyish cuts to long straight hairstyles in various colors and cuts. Today we’ll speak about medium haircuts for emo girls. Those who look for a pretty medium haircut may consider some of these options taking into account the colors and used accessories.

Medium Hairstyle with Blunt Bangsmedium haircut with blunt bangsBangs are the inseparable part of emo hairstyles. They are usually in long length and look quite bold. As for blunt bangs they go with short bob to long hairstyles. They complete these haircuts and make them more beautiful. If you add some deep highlights to your bangs the effect will be more eye-catching. If you have dark hair you can go for deep purple highlights and if you have light hair color then add some pastel highlights.

Blonde Medium Haircut with Long Bangsmedium blonde hairstyle with side bangsBlonde hair may look cool and uninteresting for am emo girl. To liven it up she may add bright tones to her hair color and go for a layered medium cut. Combining this hairstyle with long side bangs is the best thing to get a stunning hairdo.

Medium Haircut with Side Pinned Bangsmedium emo hairstyle with heavy bangs 2019If you have long heavy bangs and want to style it in an easy way you may highlight it with vibrant hues and pin to a side with a small bobby pin. Actually it is better that an emo girl with heavy bangs always kept some bobby pins with her because in many cases she might need them to bring out her face features and show off her pretty eyes instead of hiding.

Medium Layered Haircut with Leopard Printsmedium haircut with leopard pints 2019These leopard prints are becoming quite popular among young ladies. They are cool and very flashy. Leopard prints tend to make a dull hairstyle very fascinating and charming. There are various colors for these prints and the choice is up to you. You can add them to your medium layers even only to one side of your hair.

Pastel Hair Colors for Medium Layered Haircutmedium pastel colored hairAnother way to show off your spiffy layered haircut is beautifying it with subtle pastel shades. Try to combine the hues that wok with each other and add them on your layers the way that your layered cuts could become more prominent.



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