Coolest Emo Hairstyle and Hair Color Ideas

Today it’s quite easy to recognize the emo look. It’s particularly in black, pink and other vivid rainbow colors. Emo girls usually wear unique outfits, accessories, hair colors and hairstyles that make them stand out from the crowd. Today we’ll represent the most popular and stylish emo hairstyles and hair colors which are too eye-catching.

Pink Hair Coloremo pink hair colorPink is the dominant color in the appearance of an emo girl. It represents the good and funny days of the wearer. This hair color is very vivid and it is generally combined with black hair accessories or headbands which in their turn represent the bad and gloomy days of the wearer. This combo can be seen also in different styles as pink and black look perfect with each other and even if you are not an emo you may use it just for hair color with black headbandBlack Hair Color with HighlightsBlack Hair Color with pink HighlightsAs emos usually war long hair they dye their locks in various ways. For black hair vivid highlights are the best. You can add deep pink, purple, red or blue black highlights on your hair and combine it with bold makeup. In this case pink accessories can bring out your black hair color.Black Hair Color with pink Highlights bowEmo Ponytail Hairstyles

Long hair sometimes requires hairstyles that are cozy and beautiful at the same time. Emo ponytails look a bit different from the regular styles. They are more eye-catching first of all because of their colors and second due to their interesting style. They are usually high, teased, with a vulumized top part and are embellished with bright colored bows, headbands and other accessories. You may also see pigtails, and side ponytails which are very playful for young girls.emo pigtailsBlonde Hair Color with Highlightsavril lavigne pink highlights 2019As for light hair colors emos go for white blonde or platinum blonde shade and add from light to dark pink highlights. A classic example of this look is Avril Lavigne’s hairstyle. This color combo works with black hair accessories and is very exquisite as a feminine hairstyle.blonde hair with pink highlightsEmo Short Hairstyle

When it comes to short hairstyles an emo generally chooses an edgy pixie cut. These are often styled by spikes and are combined with bright highlights including different shades of rainbow or neon colors. They are dramatic and quite bold hairstyles that grab much attention and make the wearer look unique.emo short hairstyleThe following hairstyles are the most popular emo looks which you may see very often. Sometimes there are cases when emos use other hair styling methods as well to differ from other emo looks. However the style is very eye-caching and many ordinary ladies also sport it just because they love the color combinations and the attractiveness it brings.



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