Curly Ponytail Hairstyles

If many thin-haired women often wear ponytail hairstyle to make their hair look a bit fuller and thicker then curly beauties try to get less voluminous ponytails for a neater look. In both cases volume play an important role but as volumized and messy hairstyles are very trendy in 2019 you are welcome to rock your curly hair in flashy ponytails. Below we’ll represent the best curly ponytail hairstyles. Check them out!

Low Curly Ponytailcurly low ponytailAny girl is familiar with the simple low ponytail. Straight hair looks sleek and neater in low ponytail hairstyle but curly low pony is much more attractive and eye-catching. This hairstyle is cuter with curly face framing strands which can be either your bangs or your short layers.

Curly High Ponytailcurly high ponytail 2019Curled high ponytail in a tidy form is a lovely hairstyle for official meetings. It keeps all your hair out of your face and brings out your facial features. It’s a tight, cozy hairstyle for any occasion.

Curly Ponytail with Poofcurly ponytail with poofEven of you have straight hair you can still get a stunning curly ponytail hairstyle. Since your straight hair allows you to create a seductive poof on the top part of your hair you can combine straight and curly hairstyles in a one hairdo. So, tease your top part hair and create the desired volume. Then spray a hair spray and smooth the surface a bit. After this style a pony and curl it. You are done with a classy ponytail hairstyle.

Unique Ponytail Hairstyleunique curly ponytailBlack women who generally have natural curly hair may like this creative hairstyle. It’s a high tight pony with warm blonde hair color at the tips of the curls. This shade is very light to warm up your complexion and bring more attractiveness not only to your hair but also to your face. Try to get a playful look with it.

Curly Side Ponytailculry side ponytailFor prom or for a birthday party I offer this curly side ponytail hairstyle embellished with a cute headband. It’s a pretty teenage hairstyle that has a subtle touch in it and looks very soft. If you have long blonde hair you may choose this very pony for your upcoming special event.

Loose Curly Ponytailloose curly ponytailLoose ponytail are convenient in case you have long hair without layers which will not run out of your hairdo. Loose hairstyles are very stylish in 2019 and you can often rock this super feminine curly ponytail hairstyle.

Curly Braided Ponytailcurly ponytail with braidsIf you think that braided ponytails are only in neat and sleek form then you should have a look at messy, wavy and curly ponytail hairstyles with braids. They are very gorgeous and have an interesting look.



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