Top 10 Best Celebrity Lob Haircuts

What is that popular lob haircut? It’s the best medium length hairstyle for any type of hair that looks like along bob. Just when some celebrities chopped off their long locks into a new lob haircut everyone who had long hair started to opt for this style. As a classy, elegant, convenient and flexible hairstyle lob is one of the trey hairstyles for 2019 and is going to stay in the top lists of the best medium length hairstyles for a long time. In this article we have gathered together the top 10 best celebrity lob haircuts which look fabulous and go with face shapes for which they have chosen. Have a look at them and get inspired.

Lucy Hale Wavy Lob HaircutLucy Hale Wavy Lob Hairstyle 2019Lucy Hale has chosen a carefree yet very spiffy style for her lob haircut. Be it natural or styled wavy lob is always perfect for any occasion. It’s easy to style and looks quite sophisticated.

Rosie Huntington Lob Haircut with Side Bangsrosie huntington side parted lob haircutRosie has very slender features and lob haircut enhances her prettiness. Those side parted bangs beautifully go with her face shape and make it subtler. Her trendy sun-kissed blonde hair color works with her stunning skin tone and compliments her eye color. If you have such complexion you may copy this style in the near future.

Kim Kardashian Lob Haircut for Thick HairKim Kardashian lob haircutIf you have thick hair you may like this cool lob haircut of Kim Kardashian. It’s rather natural-looking with this rick dark chocolate hair color which compliments Kim’s skin tone and is too hot with those huge side parted locks.

Lily Collins Straight Lob Haircut for Thin Hairlily collins lob haircutLadies struggling against their thin hair are welcome to steal the shown great style of our cute Lily Collins. We have seen her lob haircut in different styles but this one is a classy style to be worn at the office or for a formal meeting.

Kate Mara Ombre Lob Haircutkate mara ombre lobAs for the trendy ombre style we can say that the following combo is one of the most succeeded experiments. Lob haircut allows us to go for an astounding ombre style making the haircut look more fascinating and attractive. Those who have blonde hair may combine light and dark blondes and women with brunette hair can combine two different shades of brown to get a fantastic rich ombre hairstyle on their lob haircut.

Jennifer Anitson Layered Lob Haircutjennifer anitson layered lobLayered lob haircut is a stylish hairstyle for women over 40 and as you see it suits Jennifer very much and makes her look girlish and younger. Combining it with long side bangs is the best thing you can do with your layered lob hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Lob Straight Lob Haircutjessica alba lob haircutWomen who have straight hair can easily get an elegant lob haircut which will always be in form and will not take much time to be styled. It’s a cozy, easy and very pretty hairstyle for various occasions and is ideal especially for business women.

Beyoncé Curly Lobbeyonce lob haircutLob, as you see, is a fine hairstyle for any kind of hair. It goes with straight, wavy and curly hairstyles at the same time. Curly locks can look even more seductive in this style and the best example to copy is Beyoncé’s asymmetrical lob haircut.

Charlize Theron Blonde LobCharlize Theron lob haircutWhy do we focus on the blonde shade of Charlize’s lob haircut? Because due to this fresh buttery blonde hair color she has a healthy-looking elegant hairstyle. Her lob is one of the most copied ones as it’s too stunning and lovely.

Olivia Palermo Lob HaircutOlivia Palermo lob haircutAnd finally here we see our gorgeous Olivia in a nice lob haircut. The natural-looking brown hair color makes the cut look delightful and very pretty. If you like it you may take it for 2019.



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