Celebrity Silver Hair Colors to Try in 2019

Why do young ladies go for the granny hair? This tendency of wearing silver hair color is increasing day by day. Stylish women find this shade quite attractive and while mature women do their best to hide greys lots of famous beauties go for the silver hair color reasonably. They change their hair color into gray even without having a single gray hair on their head. As a result they get a stunning, eye-catching and subtler look. In this post we have collected the best examples of celebrity silver hair colors for 2019. Discover the charm of grey shades right now.

Pink Silver Hair ColorPink silver hair colorHaving a short pixie haircut Pink dyed it into a light silver hair color which works with her complexion and makes her eyes pop out. This hair color also works with her black outfit and flashy earrings. 

Ellie Goulding Silver Hair Colorellie goulding grey hair 2019Ellie has long hair and she likes to style it in various ways. However we often see her with straight layered side swept hairstyles along with side swept bangs. Here she has sported such hairdo in platinum silver hair color. As she has light complexion it works with her skin tone and brings out her pink undertones.

Dascha Polanco Dark Grey to Lavender Ombresilver hair color 2019As Dascha has rather dark complexion she has chosen dark grey hair color which is beautified with lavender tips. The result reminds us of a unique ombre style that looks so subtle. Both grey and pastel purple hair colors are trendy in 2019 and if you like this ombre hairstyle you may try it in the near future and get a totally differing look.

Kelly Osbourne Silver Hair Colorkelly osbourne grey hair 2019Before going for the lovely lilac hair color Kelly used to rock silver hair color in various hues. We have seen her in light grey shades as well as in medium to dark hues. This hair color softness her look and draws attention. This is one of her best examples where she is in grey hair color. The shine of the fresh silver shade is more prominent due to her wavy lob hairstyle.

Hilary Duff Silver-Mint Hair Colorhilary duff grey hair 2019Hilary’s chosen grey hair color is closer to the stylish pastel mint green shade. It is a light hair color far from looking so natural but the effect is very pretty on her long wavy hairstyle.

Rihanna Dark Grey Ombrerihanna grey ombre hair 2019Being a stunning black woman Rihanna has made a right choice between so many grey hair colors. She has taken the dark hues of grey and got a ravishing ombre hair color. It is one of the loveliest and most original ombre hairstyles that looks perfect on long straight ponytail.

Kylie Jenner Grey Hair Colorkylie jenner grey hair 2019As you seen even youngest celebrities like to experiment with grey hair colors. Here is Kylie Jenner in shiny silver hair color that works with her dark complexion.



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