Best Hollywood Inspired Haircuts for Men

We often refer to female celebrity hairstyles and this time we decided to speak about the best Hollywood inspired haircuts for men. Here you will find more than two hairstyles to steal from the most popular male celebrities who rock trendy haircuts.

George Clooney Short HaircutGeorge Clooney Short HaircutLooking at the style and the way of caring about his appearance of George Clooney even many young men can be inspired. Unlike many other celebrities George knows what haircut to wear to look so masculine and handsome. His short cut is one of the bests that can be stolen by many stylish men. It’s a cool classy style and is suitable for any occasion.

Ryan Gosling Short HaircutRyan Gosling Short HaircutContinuing the theme of the most fashionable short haircuts for men we represent Ryan Gosling’s super short haircut with close cropped sides and with some volume on the crown part. This is the perfect hairstyle for his hair and makes her look very hot.

Robert Pattinson Messy HairstyleRobert Pattinson Messy HairstyleRobert Pattinson is a big fan of messy voluminous hairstyles which usually require long hair on the top. This is for guys who look for a cool hairstyle to accentuate their healthy hair. If you have thick straight hair you may try this messy hairstyle with a hair gel.

Ed Westwick HairstyleEd Westwick HairstyleIt goes without saying that this guy’s hairstyles are always the bests and are the ones that men often copy. His classy, cool and hot hairstyles look so neat and sleek. This one is ideal for a modern, elegant and fashion-forward boys who are in a search of a trendy classy hairstyle. Just part your hair on the top keeping it a bit voluminous and comb neatly. If you have a layered haircut then try to make those layers look as smooth as possible so that they wouldn’t bring a messy look.

Michael Murray Spiky HairstyleMichael Murray Spiky HairstyleMen who are in a search of the best spiky hairstyle may consider this great example of Michael Murray. This is one of the best ways to draw attention and to stand out from the crowd. Your spiky hairstyle speaks about your taste, your stylish nature and your desire of looking seductive. It is easy to achieve on short hairstyles that have a bit volume on the top part like Michael. Try to keep the sides shorter and focus on the crown part. Apply some amount of hair gel and with the help of your fingers give it a spiky look.

Zac Efron Cool HairstyleZac Efron Cool HairstyleOpt for this fashionable hairstyle of Zac Efron and feel the confidence and attractiveness it brings with it. Zac is one of the celebs whose hairstyles are worth trying as he always chooses trendy and very eye-catching hairstyles for his luscious hair.  They perfectly work with his face shape and face features.



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