Rainy Day Hairstyle Ideas

The romantic season is here with all its hues and beauty and what we are supposed to do to look as nice as nature is just styling our hair properly. Rain is nor that worrying for hair as you think. rainy day hairstyles 2019Of course there may be times that your good hair may turn into bad and this is the worst thing any girl faces. However there are comfy hairdos that are perfect for any humid, rainy or wet day. So, let’s see which are these rainy day hairstyles are for you.

Milkmaid Braidmilkmaid braid 2019On the lists of top rainy day hairstyles the milkmaid braid is one of the most required ones. It is not only convenient for long hair but it also looks very pretty. This hairstyle can be worn for date nights, for workplace and for special events. It keeps all your hair out of your face and in case you want to style it in a unique way you may use the trendy “lots of bobby pins” idea. That is to say, you add many bobby pins to it to make it more eye-catching.

Low Bun Hairstylelow sleek bun for rainy daysSleek and tidy low bun that covers your ears as well is a great hairdo for rainy days. It is classy and cozy at the same time. You can rock it at your office or for a formal meeting. This hairstyle is spiffy in its simplicity and gives you the chance to look gorgeous even with your second day hair.

Headband Hairstyle for Natural Hairheadband hairstyle for natural hairAs for natural curly and frizzy hair we can say that it’s not so easy to keep this volume under control. And when you really need to have them in a tidy and neat form on rainy days you may wear a stylish headband. It will keep your hair gathered and comfy all day long.

Pigtails for Long Hairpigtails 2019Long and thick hair is not always easy to style properly on humid days especially when you need a quick and easy hairdo. Pigtails, in this case, are awesome. They are pretty, youthful and easy at the same time. You can get this hairstyle in a few minutes without much effort.

Simple Side Braidside braid hairstyleThree strand braid is the easiest braid that you can sport in wet weather. It is amazing particularly for girls who love to wear hats on rainy days. The girlish and seductive touch that the side braid has is so lovely for your second day hair. You can rock it with a stylish hat bringing out your face features.

Top Knot Hairstyletop knot hairstyleBe it a casual or a braided top knot you will always enjoy the coziness of your tight hairstyle. This is a fantastic hairdo to have your hair in a tight and sleek form. It is ideal for those who have bangs and want to keep it out of their face.

Half Bun Hairstylehalf bun hairstyleIf you have medium to long hair and your face framing layers need to be gathered into an updo then choose the half bun hairstyle. Without gathering all your hair you get a nice hairstyle for rainy days.



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