Hottest Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Braided hairstyles are the most feminine and subtle hairstyles for any women. They have an airy and ethereal touch in them that make your look very girlish and innocent. The majority of men like seeing their ladies with different braids and especially those who have long hair should often go for braided hairstyle on casual days as well as for special occasions. Here are the hottest braided hairstyles for long hair and if you are a long-haired lady then keep your eye on some of the most suitable options for you.

Simple Side Braided Hairstyleside braid for long hairSimple braided hairstyle is the one that can be worn by women with straight hair as well as by beauties bleed by curly locks. This is the easiest braid to wear on side and to look tender enough. It’s perfect for workplace and for second day hair.

Braided Ponytail Hairstylebraided ponytailFor windy and humid days when you need to have your hair gathered you often style a ponytail. But if you have long locks you may also want to have them in a neat and tidy form, so braid this tail as well.

Waterfall Braid for Long Hairwaterfall braid for long hairWhether you have long straight or curly locks the waterfall braid is always great as a party hairstyle. If many others suit this or that season the waterfall braid doesn’t ask time, place and whether. It goes with any style and grabs more attention.

Messy Braided Hairstylemessy braided hairstyleUndone or half-done? What a unique and interesting braided hairstyles is this? It’s a messy braided hairstyle with multiple braids mingled into long teases hair which is beatified with a glossy flower hair accessory. It does look stunning and is worthy trying.

Boho Pigtail Braidsboho pigtail braidsMany bohemian braided hairstyles include pigtail braids in various sizes. These hairstyles generally require long hair and look incredible with the right chosen bohemian headbands of leather, scarfs and flower shaped hair accessories.

Loose French Braid Hairstyleloose french braidIf the tight French braid is meant both for long and medium hairstyles then the loose French braid is super only for long locks. It’s perfect for thin hair as it makes thin hairstyles look thicker.

Braided Updo Hairstylebraided updo hairstyle for long hairMessy braided updo hairstyle is a very luxurious one to pick for a wedding party or for another special event. It looks better with different braids such as the simple and the fishtail braids taken together to add a fantastic charm to one updo hairstyle.

Side Pulled Braidlong braided hairstyleThis is not a simple side but just side pulled braided hairstyle for log hair. It starts from the top of hair and creates a side parted braided hairstyle. You may wear it if you don’t have straight or short bangs that may not allow you to get it right.

Box Braids for Black Womenbox braid for long hairBlack women who have long hair particularly unruly, may opt for the low maintenance box braids. They are ideal for long thick hair and provide you with an eye-catching look.

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