Casual Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Today’s casual braided hairstyles for long hair that I am going to represent you are super easy and won’t take you more than 20 minutes to be ready to rock all day long. If you are ready to experiment with trendy long hairstyles to beautify your dull hair even on casual days the let’s go.

Simple Braidsimple long braidIf you are not familiar with many braided hairstyles then the simple braid is the most popular one for you to wear. Every girl knows its principal and relies on it when she needs a quick yet pretty hairstyle. Not all quick hairstyles are beautiful but this doesn’t refer to the simple braid as it’s a subtle hairstyle to show off the luxury of your long hair.

Fishtail Braid

fishtail braidGirls fond of different braided hairstyles like to experiment new braids. Though the fishtail braid is not something new but it’s back and is considered as one of the most fashionable braided hairstyles for long hair. It is more beautiful when braided on the side and makes you look too feminine. Actually the longer your hair the more astounding your fishtail braid will look.

French Braidlong french braidAs you see we have started from the simplest braid and are coming across a bit complicated ones. The French braid is a stunning hairstyle that you can create even by yourself. Don’t believe in myths that you cannot style this hairstyle by yourself as after several practices each can do it without a help of someone else. It’s a casual tight hairstyle to wear at workplace or for workout.

Waterfall Braidlong waterfall braidAgain here we have a little bit confusing hairstyle but believe in me that waterfall braids are very simple and easy. They usually require long hair and are superb both for straight and curly locks. Actually it’s a loose French braid that you can use for evening parties. You may add a cute hair accessory in a form of a flower and you are done with a lovely hairstyle.

Boho Braidlong boho braidCompared with the rest of braided hairstyles boho braids do require long hair. They are very creative, a bit messy, more attractive and a bit carefree hairstyles for lazy girls. The messiness of these braids makes your hair look eye-catching and highlights your wild beauty.

Braided Ponytail Hairstylelong braided ponytailWhen you style a high ponytail your long hair may sometimes be in a messy form that won’t look so good. In this case braiding the pony is the best thing you can do. You can opt for the rope braid, for the simple or for the fishtail braid. All are great for a ponytail and make it neater, tidier and classy.

Braided Bun Hairstylelong braided bun 2019Well, you want a tighter and sleeker hairstyle? Go for the braided bun hairstyle. If short hair can be styled into a low braided bun then long hair gives you the opportunity of creating a high braided bun hairstyle as well. The choice is up to and you are welcome to choose the most suitable braided bun hairstyle for your long hair.

Braided Headbandlong braided headband 2019Crown braids, milkmaid braids and Dutch braids are all fantastic headband braids that are easy to style on long hair. If you are fond of bohemian hairstyles then you’ll surely love headband braids. They provide you with a cute headband just by your hair.



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