Medium Lenght Messy Hairstyle Ideas

Hot, stunning and attractive women know the secret of looking more alluring and it’s hidden behind the hairstyles they wear. If you think that neat, too sleek hairstyles are attractive then I am here to prove that messy hairstyles with loose waves, shaggy layers and bombshell curls capture man’s hearts most than tight updos, top knots and any other too tidy hairstyle. Why do men love our bedhead hair? Because they are the best “hairstyles” that bring out our real beauty and luxury of our locks. Today I will share some great medium length messy hairstyle ideas with you and you’ll feel how beautiful they are compared with many other prom hairstyles. You can look much more beautiful with your casual messy hairstyle if you style it right.

Messy Side Pulled Layered Hairstylemessy side parted layered hairstyleAngelina is one of the celebrities that has long luscious hair which can be styled in any way she likes. They are very pretty in layers and bring out the luxury of her locks. If you have such hair then you may get a fantastic messy hairstyle pulling a huge part of your locks to a side in a voluminous form, this is perfect for thick hair.

Lion Mane Hairstylemessy curly lob hairstyleShow off your wild beauty due to your hairstyle. The lion mane hairstyle is one of the most eye-catching and attractive hairstyles for dirty blonde medium length hair. This messy hairstyle is more beautiful especially with various blonde highlights on. Many women have such natural hairstyle and as you see it’s a stylish one.

Platinum Blonde Shaggy Medium Hairshaggy layered medium hairstylePlatinum blonde is a perfect hair color to bring out the prettiness of your layers. It’s the best shade for medium length haircut and is used to refresh both the hairstyle and your look. Even if you have a shaggy hairstyle this color will shine beautifully on your locks.

Curly Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Haircuts for WomenIf you don’t have natural curls but still want to get a bombshell hairstyle on your long bob cut then you may first of all tease curl your hair into a voluminous hairstyle and bring the most beautiful curled part to the front part, this will create a unique asymmetrical look for your hairstyle.

Wavy Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangsmessy wavy bobThose subtle side swept bangs that work with any length of hair are so trendy especially for bob haircut. They make it look complete and add a touch of delicacy to your appearance. If you want to get a voluminous messy bob hairstyle even on your thin hair you are welcome to go for a loose wavy hairstyle. This is a pretty casual hairstyle to wear at home, for shopping and at workplace.

Voluminous Medium Red Hairstylemessy medium lenght red hairThis is my favorite hairstyle and I dream of having such hair. The thickness and the volume of this medium length hairstyle allows it look very sophisticated and engaging. The seductive red shade enhances its beauty and looks very fashionable. If you have such hair you may dye it in a nice shade of red such as trendy copper and style in a voluminous messy hairstyle like this.



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