Katy Perry’s Best Hairstyle and Hair Color Makeovers

Talented singer Katy Perry is one of the celebrities who like to play with her appearance. She always appears with new hairstyles and hair colors which soon are copied by many girls. Today we’ll represent Katy Perry’s best hairstyles and hair colors.

Katy Perry Jet Black Hairkaty perry black hairThere were times when Katy was often experimenting with different hair colors on her long luscious locks. One of the best hair colors she has worn on her hair was jet black which perfectly suited her bringing out her light complexion. It’s very spiffy with those long curls.Katy Perry Deep Purple Hair Colorkay perry deep purple hairstyleHere Katy has combined deep purple hair color with retro inspired curly hairstyle. The shiny shade of purple beautifully brings out the healthy ad stunning look of her locks.

Katy Perry Bright Highlightskaty perry highlightsAs for highlights Katy preferred to choose bright ones to grab more attention. Her long tight curls are beautifully highlighted with blue and pink hair colors which work with her black hair. As a result she had got an original hairstyle to inspire many teenagers.

Katy Perry Peachy Pastel Hair Color on Bob Haircutkaty perry peachy pink hair colorAs Katy changed her hairstyle into a short bob she started to dye it I various colors. On this photo you see her with peachy pastel hair color which is a very bright and sweet hue for hair. This warms up her complexion and goes with her light eyes.

Katy Perry Crimps Hairstyle on Blue BobKaty Perry crimps hairstyle on blue bobWell, blue is another bright shade that looks very pretty on Katy’s bob haircut. It goes with her light complexion and makes her stand out from the crowd. Today many teal her crimps hairstyle as a prom hairdo idea and it’s becoming more and more popular.

Katy Perry Blunt Bangs HairstyleKaty Perry blunt bangsThose short blunt bangs that look like Cleopatra’s hairstyle especially thanks to straight black bob haircut work with Katy’s face shape and look cute with the black flashy headband. It’s a cool hairstyle to be worn by many stylish teenagers.

Katy Perry Curly Lavender Hairkaty perry lavender hair color curlyThe tender lavender hair color that makes Katy’s soft hair even subtler is so beautiful with those soft loose curls. This shade is a nice one to highlight light complexion and to look like a pretty doll. It allows her eyes pop out and shine beautifully.

Katy Perry Pink Updo HairstyleKaty Perry pink updo hairstyleHere Katy looks like a cute pixie with this pink hair color on her unique updo hairstyle. It’s a very eye-catching hairstyle and is a perfect one for special events. The glossy colorful hair accessory completes eh hairstyle ideally making it look more delicate.

Katy Perry Retro Hairstyle with Victory Rollskaty perry retro hairstyleAnother fantastic hairstyle on this pink hair is the represented retro half updo with the stylish victory rolls. Actually it’s a very glamorous hairstyle for women over 30 and looks so beautiful due to the delightful shade of pink.

So, these hairstyles and hair colors of Katy Perry are, perhaps, the best experiments that made Katy look different and showed her individuality, taste and way of thinking. Now, we are waiting for her upcoming makeovers.

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