Fabulous Retro Hairstyles with a Modern Touch

Though retro is a ravishing style itself and it attracts many of us but adding a modern touch to it is a mart decision as every hairstyle needs to undergo updating to look more fashionable. Today many woman are big fans of retro hairstyles and as they are always in search of new solutions we offer the following retro hairstyles that have a twist of modernity in them.

Finger Waves on Bob HaircutFinger Waves on Bob HaircutFinger waves are in demand today and they are worn on different haircuts. Bob is one of the trendy haircuts for 2019 and combining it with stylish finger waves will provide you with an awesome hairstyle to sport for prom, for a special event or for an evening party. It’s a glamorous hairstyle that beautiful brings out eh shine of your hair color.Scarf Updo for Casual DaysScarf UpdoThe variety of subtle scarfs gives you the opportunity of getting an eye-caching hairstyle which works with your outfit as well. Choose the most suitable scarf for your style and style a delicate retro updo for casual days. This is a cozy retro inspired hairstyle.Scarf Updo 2019Teased Side Ponytail HairstyleTeased Side Ponytail HairstyleRetro is all about volume and it was reflected even in a simple ponytail. This makes the hairstyle more engaging and eye-catching. Before tying your low side ponytail tease your hair a bit. The final result will be very beautiful and will look very fabulous.

Pixie Haircut with Cropped BangsPixie Haircut with Cropped BangsNeed to make your pixie look like a retro hairstyle? Add cropped bangs. They are classy, sleek and quite neat. You can sport it at workplace, for formal meetings and official dates. Though pixie is trendy itself but if you want to add a more modern touch to it you can add stylish highlights to your bangs.

Wavy Lob HairstyleWavy Lob Hairstyle retro 2019Not too long and not too short lob haircut allows you to get a modern hairstyle inspired by 60’s shaggy hairstyles. Waves can make your lob look more natural and will add more volume to it. Rock this cute loose hairstyle on casual days as well as for beach days and for evening parties.

Rolled Back Updo for Special OccasionsRolled Back Updo 2019If you are invited for a wedding party and have decided to rock a retro style then you’d better match it with a stunning retro rolled back updo hairstyle. This elegant hairstyle can bring out your face features and will look fashionable with a pretty headband.

Double Buns Hairstyle for Teenagersdouble buns hairstyle 2019Teenagers who long for more attention may like this cute hairstyle. Recently many celebrities sport double buns which make them look younger and engaging. It’s a simple yet very eye-catching hairstyle to match with vintage style.double buns hairstyle



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