Hairstyles for Second Day Hair

Bad hair day? Don’t worry, we are here to give you stunning ideas about how to deal with second day hair when you don’t have much time to rinse it. Actually many celebrities also appear in the red carpet with their second day hair but they always find the best solutions for their gorgeous looks. If you have seen Hollywood stars with the below represented hairstyles then perhaps it was the case when they appeared with their second day hairstyles. And who says second day hair is bad for looking great? Usually second day hairstyles look more beautiful than just washed ones because this hair is easier to control and style.

Side Braid Hairstylessimple side braidAs an easy and quick hairstyle simple side braid is always here with you. I almost always go for this hairstyle on my second day hair and find it even more attractive and feminine than when I have my hair in a loose form. This hairstyle is cool for any occasion and as you see it’s a favorite one of celebrities as well. Besides, side braids be it a simple or a fishtail make women look younger and girlish.side fishtailLow Bun Hairstylelow bunIf you are invited for a formal party or for an official meeting but are so busy that cannot find the time to care about your hairstyle properly then get a low bun hairstyle less than in 10 minutes. It’s an elegant and classy hairstyle that goes with suits as well as with evening dresses. A cute hair accessory can make it more beautiful.

Loose Waveswavy hairstyleCurl your hair into loose waves with a hair curling tool and get a stylish hairstyle ready to make you sparkle all day long. This is a great idea especially for long hair and if you have such you should often go for loose waves.

Top Knot Hairstyletop knot hairstyleWe usually see Kim with top knot hairstyles and it seems as if this is her signature hairstyle. It’s one of the most common and popular hairstyles for second day hair and its best advantage is that you have all your hair out of your face. Just focus on your makeup and you are done with a “classy business woman” look.

Bun Hairstyle for Black Womencasual hairstyle for black womenBlack women may often style different kinds of bun hairstyles on their second day hair and they will look very subtle. Be it a high, low or a side bun you will be provided with a chic hairstyle for any event.

High Ponytailhigh ponytailPerhaps ponytail is the easiest hairstyle any h\girl can style by herself. You may wear it in different styles and the most appropriate ones for second day hair are retro ponytails, ponytails with bouffant and the ones with bouncy curled tail.

Milkmaid Braidmilkmaid braidDutch milkmaid braid is another hairstyle to wear on second day hair and as it has a more gorgeous and luxurious look you may like to sport it for special events. To get this hairstyle you are supposed to practice a bit but as soon as you are familiar with its principle you’ll often wear it for different occasions.



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