Coolest Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade of blonde that has a stunning shine in it which makes hair look healthy and pretty. This is a trendy hair color and is already experimented by many celebrities both among blondes and brunettes. It’s an eye-catching hair color and tends to lighten up any kind of complexion be it cool or warm. Now, we’ll represent the coolest platinum blonde hair colors among which you can choose the best shade matching your complexion.

There is less yellowish effect in platinum blonde shade as it’s closer to white and looks like an icy shade of blonde. If you are ready to go for this hue you’d better consult with your hair colorist to know whether it will go with your skin tone and eye color or not.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color for Tanned Skinplatinum blonde of Km KardashianLet’s start from one of the most contrasting combo of hair color and skin tone. First of all warm or tanned skin tones best go with dark hair colors but sometimes there are cases when they match with light colors as well. In most cases it is seen on black women who have too shot pixie cuts and women with olive skin tones go choose it for their medium length cuts. Avoid dying your long hairstyle in platinum blonde if you have tanned skin.platinum blonde hair for black womenPlatinum Blonde hair Color for Pale Skinplatinum blonde for pale skinIf you have pale skin tone then platinum blonde is the shade to be experimented by you at least once in your life. In this case you are welcome to have it on any haircut from long to extra short. It goes with short pixie cuts and looks good on long hairstyles as well.platinum blonde for pale skin pixiePlatinum Blonde Hair Color with Dark Rootsplatinum blonde with dark rootsI have seen many combos with dark roots but one of the most flattering options to copy is the platinum blonde and dark roots combination. This is the case when you don’t need to spend much effort to get a trendy and flashy look. It’s a ravishing and pretty style itself that has a touch of delicacy in it.platinum blonde with dark roots 2019So, if you are planning to opt for a nice platinum shade then consider your skin tone, eye color and also take into account that it requires deep bleaching for dark hair to be perfectly reflected.  If you are ready to undergo this bleaching then go ahead and enjoy the attractiveness on platinum blonde hair color in 2019.



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